Feeling Half After Getting a Divorce

The maze of emotions and feeling that you need to navigate to find your own voice after a divorce Becoming a Half After Marriage When you get married, you became

Why NOT to Retell the War Stories of Your Marriage

{4 minutes to read}  For your own peace of mind and happiness, when it comes to divorce, don’t get too attached to your story. While once believed to be therapeutically valuable, we now know that the unnecessary recounting of hurtful events is re-traumatizing. Yes, there is a way to talk

Being Self Serving Makes Serving Selfish

(Blimey, try saying that three times fast with a mouthful of humble pie) Un-twist your tongue and find out what motivates you. The Why in "Why am I doing this?" and understanding things that motivate us. Do you ever walk the little old lady across the street, just hoping that the

Should Squirrels Have the Right of Way?

{6 minutes to read}  A friend of mine told me a little story about a woman he knew who had asked him why deer never cross at the places labeled “deer

The Divorce Process Explained

Going through a divorce can be one of the most stressful experiences that a person can face. A married couple never starts their marriage with the expectation that a divorce awaits in the future, but sadly divorces do happen, and they can become very emotionally taxing. The institution of marriage is controlled

Your Rights — Going Fast! Part 3

{3 minutes to read} “In heaven we have justice. Here on earth, we have law.” So said my Torts Professor, and so it seems indicated by the case we continue to discuss in part three of this article. This case raised so many issues as to the limitations and arbitrariness

An affair “not” to remember!

It’s an unfortunate situation, we never want it for us, we never imagine it happening to us, and we can never be ready for it! If it sounds so ugly,

Divorce, Money, and How [Much] to Insulate the Children

One winter evening, when I was five, my mother announced we would be having a picnic for dinner. It was winter and dark outside, so I was dubious. She was unassailable. She spread out our regular picnic blanket in the living room by the fireplace, and when my father came

5 Must-Tell Messages to Prepare the Kids for Your Divorce

One of the most difficult conversations any parent will ever have is telling their children about their pending divorce. I know first-hand because many years ago I went through the experience. I fought and faced the overwhelming emotions. The deep gut-wrenching fear. The continuous anxiety. The incredible guilt. And the