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Who Is Responsible For Your Child’s Expenses?

Raising a child is expensive. From diapers in the beginning to sports gear in high school, the bills never really go away. The latest data suggests raising a child who
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What To Do if you are Facing a False Accusation

When a couple divorces, there are bound to be hurt feelings. Hurt feelings can lead to individuals lashing out at each other, sometimes making threats and accusations. When you are
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A Divorce Lawyers Top 8 Tips When Separating

Top 8 tips when separating I was asked today what is my advice of coping with advice. On reflection there are 8 top tips: After 30 years of doing divorce
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5 Single Parent Strategies for Communicating with your Child’s Other Parent

London-based Jennifer Broadley has been a successful single parent for many years. She offers some valuable thoughts about how best to communicate with your child's other parent. While some of
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The Danger of Relying on Your Valuation Expert in the Family Court

Going to court to argue the value of the family company can be a risky affair, as a recent Family Court case illustrates. In the case, called Riley and Riley, all
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What If My Child’s Other Parent Ignores Our Joint Legal Custody?

On behalf of Weinman & Associates, P.C. posted in Child Custody on Friday, August 18, 2017. Sharing legal custody of a child between two parents is often a complicated and difficult experience. In many
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Credit Card Companies Won’t Care About How You and Your Spouse Allocate Responsibility for Debts in a New York Divorce

What’s in your wallet? Is it a bunch of credit cards carrying large balances? Can the same be said for your spouse? If so, allocating responsibility for paying down those
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How to Minimize the Impact of Divorce on Children

When you and your spouse decide it is time to end your marriage, you have to figure out when and how to tell your kids. It is hard to imagine