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Health & Well Being – Try Something New… With Balls

Throw Them. Kick Them. It's All Good.  Try Something New - Team Sports During the Divorce process I came to an odd conclusion. I had lost some male testosterone.. And
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Restarting After 40

So, I was talking to a friend the other day about how their life has drastically (and almost instantly) changed since their divorce began.  I heard things like “this person
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Chores can be family fun!

by Aundie Donohue
Chores never seem to be the favorable thing to do. This weekend turn that around and make getting chores done …read more

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Learning to Love, I Mean Cook Again…

Or for the First Time. After the tears have dried, and the cycles of life start spinning again... It's Part of the Food Pyramid... the seas calm, the boat  is
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Single Parenting: Are Children as Happy as with Both their Parents?

‘Children are no less happy in single-parent homes’, as proved by numerous studies made over the years! We are living in a world where the term ‘Single Parenting’ is growing

Unhealthy Food Cravings: What are the Causes and How to Stop Them?

We have all been in a situation wherein we have initially committed to a healthier and fitter lifestyle, such as through promising to have better eating habits. We try to
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5 Practices Before Entering A New Relationship

Train yourself to love yourself first. I used to think that my husband and I were going to beat the odds... You know statistics show that fifty percent of marriages
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Divorce Advice From Family & Friends – Don’t Take It!

Divorce by its very nature brings up lots of judgments. Most people have strong opinions about divorce, strongly influenced by their own experiences or the programming of their upbringing. You’re