Home Moving Advice after Divorcing

Divorce brings along a drastic change in the lives of people that even involve leaving your existing home, selling it, and buying a new one and moving into it. Even though you have a family home, you must create your own place where you can be comfortable, happy, and most importantly at peace. You must remember that if you want a new environment around you, you have to sometimes take charge and change it yourself. Take a look at our articles about home moving advice after divorcing, to know more about how to build a new home, how to plan motivating and inspiring holidays, where to move, how to revive the surroundings and how to live your life after starting afresh.
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Learning to Love, I Mean Cook Again…

Or for the First Time. After the tears have dried, and the cycles of life start spinning again... It's Part of the Food Pyramid... the seas calm, the boat  is

Selling Your Home During A Divorce vs. When It’s Final

Few life events are more difficult than a divorce. Not only are deep emotions and high expectations involved, there are a variety of long-reaching financial issues that must be addressed

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Time to Ditch the Waterwings – Apartment Living After Divorce

Is your pool half full or half empty? We can all agree that divorce sucks. No one wants to be here or go through this awful transition. But if you
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Single Parent Home Buying

Buying a home as a single parent, especially after a divorce, can be a challenge if you are not prepared. Unfortunately many sellers view a single parent buyer as “less”

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4 Ways to Help Kids of Divorce Transition Between Homes

During divorce proceedings parenting plans and contact schedules are usually established to create a semblance of routine in this new chapter of family life. I am a strong believer in

“Give me shelter from the storm” – Searching for a home during divorce.

Searching for a home during divorce is probably the last thing on your mind as you traverse what sometimes feels like navigating a small rowboat in hurricane at sea. The

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10 Things To Make An Apartment Feel Like Home

Moving into new living space often comes with divorce territory. Small touches make a big impact in a new apartment.  If you're moving from a house or larger multi-family living
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Divorce Decisions – Choosing a new Apartment

Your life plan probably didn't include starting over and moving back to your first apartment... the same way as your promise of "I do" turned into "I do not..." The