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Split Movie – Divorce & Kids

SPLIT is a deeply personal film that explores the effects of divorce on children. The film features twelve children aged 6-12, who explore the often frightening and always life altering
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Stressful In-Dependence

Do you get stressed Is it caused by self, others or your environment? I’ve never been much of a stress bag (english term)–my divorce caused my first and only glimpse


Picture this... an adventurer, trying to cross raging rapids on a suspension bridge, as mid-crossing the gale force winds snap the cable tumbling out hero into the deadly torrent... Keep
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Screw Your Resolutions

Down Tight... 2016 Prep Did you really think I was going to be a "negative Nelly"? Last year I  wrote about setting realistic New Year resolutions. So to get back to one
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A Guide to Navigating & Traveling IveMovedOn

“Healing for the broken hearted. A map, guide and community to move on positively/fantastically in life with a healthy beaming smile”   –Thom. Words heal, motivate and educate. Our articles

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Step One: Make The Decision To Take The First Step And Start Your Journey

Step One – You have to decide to start your journey and get aboard. Make a conscious decision. Start by becoming a member. Not only can you chat with other members, you

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Step Two: Begin To Heal And Get Help

Do you need someone to talk to, help or guidance? A safe, convenient and confidential link between those needing  guidance and coaching through break up or divorce and the professionals that

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Step Three: Rip It Off

Step three: Rip it off – Ready to Move On, help others and free your heart. You will know the point where you heart has healed enough to remove it’s protective