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Motivational Monday – “Rise and shine, you’ll be fine.”

    Get Motivated – “Rise and shine, you’ll be fine.” – Thom You can do this. Keep breathing and keep moving on. To help you on your journey consider

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Weekend Prep, Remmeber -Oxytocin: The Love Hormone Is Deceptive!

After love-making the oxytocin release can trigger thoughts of "it's love" [and women have tons more of it than men] Love is a Drug. Although poets and authors have tried
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Single Parenting Resources

Single parenting can leave you needing some guidance. There are lots of books and tidbits to help make for a positive single parenting environment. We have put together a list of what you might need to succeed when you find yourself in a single parenting rut for you and your children.

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Divorce. A journey through Hell… but a road to Valhalla?

And seven tourist traps on the trip. Time to focus on the destination not the journey I found out I was single again in a text. No, it wasn't high
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5 Must-Tell Messages to Prepare the Kids for Your Divorce

One of the most difficult conversations any parent will ever have is telling their children about their pending divorce. I know first-hand because many years ago I went through the
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Living With Anxiety..

Do you ever feel excessive worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome? Do you ever worry about worrying? Has feeling overwhelmed become
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The Happiness Project… or the Single-parenting Hail Mary

I woke up this morning all good intentions and rainbows. Unfortunately, others under my roof didn't get the memo. At the kitchen table slumped two heaps of snoring blankets, not

My Spouse Does Not Want a Divorce: What Should I Do? Six Strategies.

It would be nice if all marriages lasted. It would also be great if all divorces were uncontested and free of acrimony. Unfortunately, there is no “perfect” marriage and a