On days where everything goes Wrong…

Life can feel Right. "This Too Shall Pass" A typical morning... Drama Act One.. After hitting snooze for the second time on my morning run my third and eldest alarm
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How to Minimize the Impact of Divorce on Children

When you and your spouse decide it is time to end your marriage, you have to figure out when and how to tell your kids. It is hard to imagine

Study Finds Children Benefit From Equal Time and Overnights With Both Parents

A study recently published in the American Psychology Association’s journal of Psychology, Public Policy, and Law, found children 2 years old and younger benefited from spending equal time and having overnights with
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Divorce, Money, and How [Much] to Insulate the Children

The Magic of a Winter Picnic One winter evening, when I was five, my mother announced we would be having a picnic for dinner. It was winter and dark outside,

Back to School Joy & Sadness

For the Love of Routine! I am always so ready for my kids' summer school vacation but equally ready at the end for their return. If summer represents freedom, fall
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4 Ways to Help Kids of Divorce Transition Between Homes

During divorce proceedings parenting plans and contact schedules are usually established to create a semblance of routine in this new chapter of family life. I am a strong believer in
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4 Tech Tools to Keep the Peace While Co-Parenting

 Co-parenting requires you to partner with your ex in the best interest of the children you share. This might be just a little bit more complicated than you think. These helpful
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Leaving the Nest – Part Four, Princess Edition.

My parenting self-image might be a little over stated... This is only the Princess edition if the said princess is the type that kicks some serious butt. I'm talking the
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