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4 Tech Tools to Keep the Peace While Co-Parenting

Busy parents always need help and if you are co-parenting you might need just that little bit more than normal. Here are some useful co-parenting apps that will make life so much

5 Best Ways to Refresh Your Surroundings Following Divorce 

Bye-Bye Ex, Hello New Life! Fresh start, Requires Fresh Paint! What do you do with a half-empty house or when you're living out of your suitcase? You take this opportunity to do
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Single Parent’s Guide: Solo Vacationing on a Shoestring Budget

Travel smart! Vacations can be very expensive, particularly if your idea of a vacation involves a cruise, tourist traps, and a several hundred dollar flight. Fortunately, vacations don’t need to
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Real Estate Considerations During the Divorce Process

Consider these points when deciding what to do with the house. They say relocating, divorce and death of a family member are the 3 most stressful events one can endure.

Try Something New

You Have ALL the Keys As the saying goes, "When one door closes, another opens." I believe that there are multiple doors and opportunities, but our fear of change keeps us
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13 Things to Consider – Making the Most of the Opportunity of Being Single

As a single parent, finding flexible time to engage in personal pursuits presents a challenge. I have it inconsistently and not in equal amounts. When my kids spend a weekend with

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Learning to Love the Waves

My recent move had upset nearly everything about life as I knew it. When I saw the surfers gracefully gliding across the ocean, it seemed like the exact opposite of the flailing and near drowning that I was experiencing in my new job, new house, new community, and new stage in life and parenting.

Personal Choices and Inner Voices

Stress around dramatic life change often brings challenges to our closest interpersonal relationships. As we transition our lives into a new set of experiences, it's frequently the case that we