The DNA Code

The DNA Code

“The reason why I am recommending Mark’s book, The DNA Code, is not only because of his great writing contributions to IMO, but also because I have seen him help teenagers and young adults find direction and their passions in life.” Thom

Have you ever taken a step back, looked at yourself and wondered: “Who am I?” or “What is my purpose in life?”

Questions like these are always at the back of our minds, simply because these questions are what make us human.  It differentiates us from animals and although we don’t look up at the sky and wonder what’s out there quite as frequently as mankind used to, we still look into ourselves to try and discover who we are and what our purposes are…  So, let me ask you, have you ever thought that there must be some way to figure out the answers to those questions?  Well, there is no easy way to get answers, but it seems that there is a way.

Mark R. Demos has decided to take a different approach into finding out what individuals are capable of and who they are…  Using something called, “Positive Forensics”, he has established that in every single being’s DNA code there are markers that tell us what we are capable of, what our talents are and basically how we’ve been built emotionally, physically, psychologically etc.  The process they call “Life Scene Investigation” or LSI explains the science behind the human strengths through utilising forensic science as a method of figuring out all those difficult questions that we always struggle with in life.

The DNA Code: The Forensics of Purpose, Passion and Performance is a book that will help you to discover yourself, but it’s also a life-coaching book, whilst keeping in mind the various aspects of science that one would use to solve a crime.  The reason for this is because to this point, life’s been a mystery and when there’s a mystery that needs solving, one usually calls in a few detectives…  Mark R. Demos is that detective that can help you understand the reason for you being who you are.

I found this book very interesting, even though it’s not something I would normally read.  It reminded me quite a bit of The Secret and in many ways, this is also a self-help book, but I’d much rather like to classify The DNA Code as a journey of self-discovery.  It’s very scientific and it’ll take you some time to work through all the terms if you weren’t keen on science in high school, but in the whole it’s still written in such a way as to make the reader understand, rather than to confuse.  That being said, I won’t be surprised if The DNA Code makes it into Philosophy classes in universities and colleges soon.

If you’re not keen on books of this nature, I wouldn’t advise you to get it, but if you feel the need to find out who you are, then perhaps The DNA Code is exactly what you’re looking for.  Sure, this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s well-written and it’s written in such a way as to make you understand.  So, if you’re interested in The DNA Code, then you can either click on the image to purchase your copy or you can visit the website ( where much more information is available.


Dr. Christopher Peterson, Ph.D. – Professor of Psychology, University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) Author of the Positive Psychology Primer, Oxford University Press.

“It is said that the examined life is the one most worth living. But how are we to examine life? The DNA Code: THE FORENSICS OF PURPOSE, PASSION AND PERFORMANCE uses the metaphor of forensic science to provide a wealth of practical and provocative tips for examining ourselves and living better. I recommend it most highly.”

Dr. JoyLynn Haily Reed, PhD – University of Texas at Dallas. 
“Times are tough! The DNA Code is engaging and will have your people coming alive as they discover who they are, where they best fit, and how to produce maximum output. Corporations and individuals who know their DNA-Strengths will be the ones to thrive, not just survive this economy! You and your company need The DNA Code.”You and your company need The DNA Code.”

Dr. Elizabeth Loftus Ph.D. – Distinguished Professor of Psychology and Law, University of California “Mark wrote The DNA Code to help you discover Positive Evidence that applies to the important matters of life. From how to navigate through the toughest situations, to decisions about profession, education and parenting and ultimately defining your course in life. You will be directed and encouraged to discover Evidence of your Strengths and apply them to creating a life filled with the three important “P’s”: Purpose, Passion and Performance.”


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