Unhealthy Food Cravings: What are the Causes and How to Stop Them?

Unhealthy Food Cravings: What are the Causes and How to Stop Them?

We have all been in a situation wherein we have initially committed to a healthier and fitter lifestyle, such as through promising to have better eating habits. We try to avoid junk foods, eat more fruits, and stay away from too much sugar. However, this is not an easy undertaking. Anyone who tried such will most probably know how easily one can be tempted to be derailed. At one point, you will have unhealthy food cravings. For most people, they would easily give in to such temptations.

Don't turn to these for comfort.

Don’t turn to these for comfort.

Causes of Unhealthy Food Cravings

Among other things, the sugar imbalance in your body is probably one of the most common reasons why you crave for unhealthy food. This results from consuming sugar and carbohydrates in the wrong way. It disturbs the equilibrium of the body, making you feel the need to eat more.

Dehydration is another reason why you tend to have unhealthy cravings. Keep in mind that 70% of your body is made from water. Therefore, when you do not drink the right amount of water, it can manifest as hunger.

Lastly, and perhaps most commonly, you experience unhealthy food cravings because of your emotions. Stress and other extreme emotions can make you feel down, and eventually might cause you to seek refuge in food. For instance, many people who are undergoing the process of divorce commonly subject themselves into stress eating. This becomes the coping mechanism for thousands of people. When you are an emotional eater, you do not tend to make wise food choices, and worse, you eat in quantities that are beyond what is recommended for your body.

Avoiding Unhealthy Food Cravings

One of the simplest solutions is to drink water. Sometimes, you are just dehydrated, and this can be confused with hunger. Once you drank water, you will feel that the cravings will subside.

Healthier food choices is another good way to reduce the possibility of having unhealthy cravings. Load up on foods that are high in protein and fiber. They will make you feel fuller longer while also making sure that your body gets the nutrients that are needed.

It will also be good to get rid of junk food in your fridge. Stock foods that are healthier, such as fruits and vegetables. Even the kitchen should be free from unhealthy food. If you do not see them a lot, there is a lesser likelihood that you will be craving.

Lastly, fight stress. If you are undergoing heavy emotions, such as having to go through divorce, try to find a way healthy way to express your emotions. Yoga and meditation can be helpful. Try to keep yourself busy with the things that you love, such as gardening or arts and crafts.

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